Residential Maintenance

Asphalt maintenance is imperative in order to maximize the longevity of your pavement investment. Sealing the pavement on a regular schedule typically every two years will not only keep your pavement looking beautiful but also greatly increase the life of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Parisi Paving ONLY uses commercial grade sand sealer and additives. Both residential and commercial sealer applications are ALWAYS applied by hand with brushes to ensure a thick and neat coat of material.

Protect Your Asphalt

Parisi can protect your asphalt surface and seal the cracks that can destroy your pavement. We offer both cold and hot crack filling materials that will greatly improve the protection of your asphalt and stop the damaging effects of water.


Oil, anti-freeze, gas and other petroleum based products can also cause asphalt to break down. We offer neutralizers that stop the damaging effects of petroleum and chemical products. Thorough cleaning of the pavement along with the necessary crack filling and oil/spot neutralizing are all part of the normal pre-seal preparation.

Commercial Grade

Parisi Paving only uses commercial grade sand sealer on all of our sealcoating projects. Additives are added to enhance the durability, adhesion and longevity of the sealer. In addition, we purchase our sealer directly from the manufacturer, mixed exactly to the manufacturer's recommendations.


This ensures the quality and integrity of our material over our competition. You are getting the best asphalt sealer, backed by Parisi Paving and the sealer manufacturer.


Water & UV Rays

Water and UV rays from the sun are damaging to asphalt pavement. In the winter, water that sits in the pores or cracks in the pavement will freeze. When water freezes it expands.


This expansion will cause the asphalt to crack and buckle. When water is allowed to penetrate the asphalt and thus freeze and thaw the life of the pavement will be significantly reduced.


Parisi Paving is committed to providing professional workmanship and the highest quality sealant materials. Our materials are specifically formulated to meet the harsh demands of the Midwest climate. Parisi Paving and Sealing applies all sealer materials by hand with brushes. This ensures a thick neat coat of materials. NO SPILL GUARANTEE!

In addition, Parisi has made to commitment to utilizing the best environmentally friendly asphalt sealers. Our sealer is durable and friendly for our customers of tomorrow.

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